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About Me

Hello! Welcome to my online gallery and art blog. I am an experienced marketeer, graphic and website designer by day. I have worked both as a freelancer and as part of a team in various businesses for over 20 years.

During that time I’ve been involved with most forms of print design from business cards to exhibition stand graphics and designed and developed many websites. Throughout my career, I have never been too far from creating bespoke book cover and ebook cover design for publishers and individual authors, while working within a niche publishing sector.

Aside from the day job, I am passionate about art, photography and creating surreal photo manipulations using Adobe Photoshop which have been featured in print and online.

Recently I have been focusing on the world of digital abstract artwork. My digital art is often bright and vibrant with waves, shapes and lines sometimes random, sometimes ordered. I like to think that most of my art has a positive feel to it, and evokes definite feelings and challenges of interpretation for each individual viewer – whatever those feelings might be!

The main purpose of this website is to showcase my abstract and fine artwork. I find taking time to experiment and explore helps me continually develop and change my style and artwork while helping me to stay creative. You can view my latest digital abstracts here.

If I were asked to choose which two of my artworks sum up where I am currently in my creative art journey, I would choose ‘The Perception of Hope‘ and ‘The Dancer‘.